Even in school, you must have heard people espousing on the pros and cons of one or the other. Working at a big corporation means earning a stable salary and having attractive bonuses. Startups, on the other hand, mean the freedom to be your own boss and the flexibility to achieve your own goals. Both have their charms and choosing one or the other seems impossible. Knowing which path you want to take can really help decide on an internship and even in building up your portfolio. Here are some myths we’ve broken down to help you see the differences and to decide which path is right for you.

Your impact

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Startups are small and lean businesses, making them more vulnerable but also extremely quick to react. This is because information flows faster and more readily, and every member of the team is expected to be in the know. When working in a startup, you can expect to do the work of many and your efforts go a long way in impacting outcomes. In a larger corporation, you will mostly be focused on one aspect and tied to one supervisor where you will get in-depth experience and a smaller role to play.

The chance to explore

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Not sure what you want out of your career? Joining a startup is a great way to experience different aspects of a business. From doing front-end sales to back-end support, you are able to see the larger picture and the behind the scenes, all the while adding your contributions. If you are sure of your career path, on the other hand, joining a large corporation will give you a clearer outlook on your career progression while allowing you to become an expert in one area.

What gets you going?

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Do you thrive on adrenaline or do you prefer a more sedate pace? Working at a startup is often a bumpy ride where the situation is always evolving. Your job scope can change daily, and will always require you to think creatively. While there is space for innovation in a large corporation, there is usually a standard working procedure to follow. Tasks and processes are also more systematic with less probability of deviation. There is no right or wrong, only which environment and working style you prefer.

While there are many other differences, we think these are the main points to consider when deciding on your internship. There are factors like income, brand recognition and employee benefits, but what matters is your goals going into this internship. Knowing what you want to achieve will narrow your search and allow you to make more informed decisions. We hope this article clears up the fog, and we wish you all the best in your internship journey.

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