In our previous article, we discussed the benefits of doing an internship and how it could benefit you. Taking a step further, what about a global internship opportunity? It will involve travelling to a new country and immersing yourself in new cultures. If you are not yet convinced, read on to see why an overseas internship is the ultimate internship experience!

A unique and memorable experience

How better to learn the cultures of a new country other than by working and living there? An overseas internship places you in the heart of a new city where you will experience different cultural practices and lifestyles. It is both challenging and rewarding when you push your boundaries and learn more about yourself in the process.

Connections from around the world

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This is a great chance to make new friends from different countries and a great way to build lasting relationships. An overseas internship opens up many possibilities to develop meaningful connections that will help you open up opportunities in the future.

Develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of different cultures

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Living and working in a new country will open your eyes to the differences in cultures, and spending time with people from different backgrounds will give you a better understanding of them. It’s easy to forget a world beyond our doorstep, but friendships with people from other countries will teach you things you never know and give you a greater appreciation of different cultures.

Prevent future culture shock

As globalisation brings us closer together, having knowledge and sensitivity of different cultures is increasingly crucial when working in a multinational company. The experience of working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds is therefore extremely beneficial for you as an individual and is also something employers look out for.

Improved self-confidence

An overseas internship will expose you to situations you are unfamiliar with. It is a great way to build up strong interpersonal, persuasion and presentation skills that will boost your self-confidence. At the end, you will have a keener sense for cultural sensitivities as well as the practical working experience of being part of a multi-cultural workplace.

Invaluable soft skills

These skills cannot be taught in the classroom nor studied from books. Interpersonal skills, how to handle yourself under pressure, communication and presentation skills are all vital for you to be able to handle yourself in the workplace. There is no better way to pick up on these soft skills that are increasingly valued by employers other than through an overseas internship.

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An overseas internship is essentially like an exchange program where you immerse yourself in local cultures and open your eyes to the world. Working and living in a new place requires taking a great leap of faith, but the experience will be meaningful and unforgettable. Going in with an open mind and a positive attitude will allow you to make the most of the learning opportunity of a lifetime.

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